Fascinating Danger. No Rest Outside Enlightenment

Improvisation on a Fractal Animation.
Organist: Paul Kayser on the Oberlinger Organ at the Mondercange-Curch (L).
Fractal Film created with Mandelbulb 3D by Arthur Stammet.
Live performance recorded and filmed by Arthur Stammet in July 2012.
The Concert has been organized by "Noise Watchers Unlimited a.s.b.l." and "Monnerecher Uergelfrënn a.s.b.l."

The fractal movie is a long trip through a continuously changing, inhospitable and dangerous world. In this fascinating and infinitely complex place, no rest is possible. It offers only one option: flying through it and avoiding any contact with any kind of thorns, protecting every part of its interior and all its inhabitants. The only "smooth" places in this world are dazzling lights and the glary white door, leading into, back to or out this world: Enlightenment.

A version with tweaked rendering is available in 1080p on Vimeo:https://vimeo.com/49963473